Houndseeker A Litter

Bloodhound Puppy Picture at Five Weeks Old
Ten Puppies Born on the 28th May 2017 - Lettie did an amazing job during whelping and from start to finish she took five hours, all of them born very easily, Lettie continued to be the most amazing mother, so sweet natured and caring, instinctively knowing exactly what to do, we could not have wished for a better mother, the puppies also very accepting and relaxed about everything, at four weeks old they started to go on short vehicle rides, going out at least twice a week to get them used to different noises, smells, travelling and environments, they all loved it, although we did have one that used to sing and set the others off. They loved having visitors and welcomed everyone along with Lettie who was very accepting of people visiting her puppies. We kept three puppie, Lorna, Merlin and Soren, for the other we have the most fabulous homes in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, Scarlett and Hanna who went to The Netherlands continue to meet up for playtime which  is wonderful. We keep in touch with all of our puppy owners for regular updates, it is lovely to see them grow and develop into beautiful young hounds.

Houdseeker Amber ~ Soren

Houndseeker Athena ~ Scout

Houndseeker Aurora ~Scarlett

Houndseeker Alaric ~ Ralph

Houndseeker Atlas ~ Kuki

Houndseeker Amethyst ~ Lorna

Houndseeker Abbot ~ Merlin

Houndseeker Acklam ~ Mango

Houndseeker Amulet ~ Phoebe

Houndseeker Adella ~ Hanna