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The Houndseeker Story

About Us

At Houndseeker, we have been building our reputation as a trusted breeder since we bred our first hounds back in 2017,  we have been in the breed since 2004 when we first began extensively researching the bloodhound, attending Bloodhound Working Trials and Bloodhound Shows, founding our kennel name Houndseeker a few years later. We take our responsibilities as owners and breeders of this noble and historic hound very seriously and strive to ensure the health and well-being of all our puppies and adults. That’s why the happiest days for us are spent with our hounds and we see the puppies that we have bred thriving  with their new families.

Rob is currently Working Trials Secretary and Show manager for The Bloodhound Club and Evelyn spent four years as Honorary Sectretary for The Bloodhound Club and was also a member of the Bloodhound Breed Health Committee, being an integral part of setting up the general health assessments and health awards scheme for the breed, developing the breed health website which was an important part of winning of the most improved breed at the Karlton Index awards and campaigning for health testing to be recognised within the breed at the Kennel Club.

Houndseeker Hounds are owned,bred and adored by

Rob Manley & Evelyn Burnside

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Our Aims

At Houndseeker we endeavour to breed healthy hounds with good movement and breed type along with a sound happy temperament and superb character, maintaining their working ability.

We are a show and working kennel extremely dedicated to our hounds, first and foremost our hounds are our beloved companions who  live in the house with us and enjoy life with regular trips out to different walking areas especially loving the beach.

Our breeding choices are based on conformation, movement, breed type, temperament, pedigrees and health tests. All of this is taken into consideration when planning a litter.

We wish everyone to be happy with the puppies that we breed so select homes very carefully to ensure the best possible outcome for the puppy and the new owner, puppies are matched to their owners regarding showing, trialing  and pet ownership, prospective owners will need to meet the hounds in our home, complete a puppy application form and be subject to a home check, answering any queries we may have.

Health Testing

Whilst there is no mandatory testing for Bloodhounds, we test our breeding stock for elbows and hips under the BVA or ANKC Elbow and Hip scoring scheme and hearts by a BVA approved Veterinary Surgeon. We also X Ray for LTV to ensure they are clear of any abnormalities. We often X Ray later in life which gives a truer picture of the joint health and stability.

When available our hounds participate in the Breed health schemes and The Bloodhound Club eye scheme. We also test eyes under the BVA Eye Canine Health Scheme.

We also DNA test for degenerative myelopathy.

Any hounds that have won Best of Breed titles are health checked at the show in order to gain that title.

Whilst health testing is important there is little point to it unless the general health of the hound is also considered, whilst bloat and cancer is in the breed this also has to be a consideration amongst other things when selecting for the next generation.


Bloodhound health, longevity and temperament is paramount.


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