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We Have Arrived!!

Houndseeker D Litter


One Red Female, two liver nosed red boys and one liver and tan boy

Red Bloodhound Puppy

Red Boy

Liver and Tan Bloodhound Puppy

Liver and Tan Boy

Liver nosed red bloodhound puppy

Liver Nosed Boy - White Foot

Liver Nosed red bloodhound puppy

Liver nosed red boy - white toe

red bloodhound puppy

Red Girl

Bloodhound Mother and puppy

Soren with red girl

Bloodhound Litter UK.jpg

D Litter

Dragonfly, Drummer, Dauntless, Dragon, Druid

The Houndseeker D litter have all settled in beautifully to their new homes with their fantastic owners.

Looking forward to see this very special litter out at shows and trials in the near future.

Houndseeker D litter_edited.jpg
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