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In Memory

We have been and are very lucky to share our lives with these beautiful hounds, they are a very special wonderful breed unlike any other, they have given us so much pleasure and beautiful memories and continue to do so. Living with Bloodhounds is an adventure that should be embraced, our hounds have taken us to places we wouldn't have ever gone, we have done things that we would have never  dreamed of and we have met many people along the way here and overseas. Sadly they cannot live with us as long as we would like but they will forever be in our hearts.

Houndseeker Bloodhounds Logan


Logan our first Bloodhound from the Trailfinder Kennel came to live with us in 2006, a lovely very laid back hound, he sadly passed shortly after his 11th birthday.

Houndseeker Bloodhounds Carter


Carter our second hound from the Trailfinder Kennel and our first Bloodhound Champion, a keen worker , Carter sadly passed at nearly eleven and a half.

Houndseeker Bloodhounds Porter


Porter our second import from the  Od Hadiho Potoka Kennel, a very loving boy with a wonderful temperament, always keen to show off and work, sadly we lost him too young at six and a half, he will be forever missed.

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