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Houndseeker Bloodhounds Porter

Defendender Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker

Porter, our lovable clown, our very own filmstar, he excelled at trials and in the show ring and astounded producers on TV sets with his ability and willingness to do anything that was asked of him. Amongst other things Porter appeared in the More Than advert for pet insurance,  Britain's Top 100 Favourite Dog Breeds with Ben Fogle and Sara Cox and the Pension Wise advert for Dogs on Camera.

Porter was Top Puppy in 2015 and was the first Bloodhound to represent the breed at the British Vulnerable Breeds Finals at Crufts being shortlisted in the final. Everyone who met Porter fell in love with him, he was a very special Bloodhound.

Porter the bloodhound film star

Very sadly missed
2014 ~ 2021

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