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Bloodhound Litters

Bloodhound Puppies UK- Houndseeker A litter

At Houndseeker we only breed a Bloodhound litter when we want to and are able to keep a puppy for ourselves. We carefully select the sire and dam for our breeding program so that they compliment each others attributes, paying particular attention to breed type, temperament, conformation, health testing, eye conformation and tracking ability.

All of the hounds in our kennel compete in the show ring and at Bloodhound Working Trials, both activities governed by The Kennel Club. They are part of the family and live in the house with us.


Bloodhounds are a very special and unique breed with strong tracking abilities requiring patience, hard work and understanding along with appropriate training.

 If you are interested in the Bloodhound Breed and owning a Bloodhound puppy and wish to find out more about them please email for more information. 

We are currently preparing for our next Bloodhound litter which will hopefully be this summer 2022. We expect to have red puppies and black and tan puppies.

Waiting For Puppies ~ A Litter

Champion Flessner's International Grand Ville x Nina Simone Truffe Medievale at Houndseeker (Imp Bel)

lettie waiting for puppies

B Litter

Champion Boru's Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap (Imp Can) x Champion Captiva Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker(Imp Cze)

Rogue and Raven - Houndseeker B Litter

C Litter

Champion Boru's Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap (Imp Can) x El's Don't Be Cruel Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker (Imp Czech)

Houndseeker C Litter 2019 - Bloodhound Puppies UK

Houndseeker ~ The Next Generation
Litter Announcement 

Expected Litter Summer 2022


Expected Litters 2023

Expected Bloodhound Litter 2021 / 2022 - Bloodhound Breeders UK

If you require any further information about Bloodhound puppies and forthcoming litters or  want to request a Puppy Application Form please use our contact page

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